What is Touch switch?

8 gang smart switch

The Wi-Fi Smart Light Switch allows you to control your lights from anywhere using the same devices you use with your mobile phone, tablet or computer. No hub required – just install the smart switch and connect it to your Wi-Fi network. Then control your lights from anywhere in the world by simply downloading our app or website. It can easily replace the traditional switches directly and help you enjoy a more convenient lifeYou can turn on the lights, adjust the brightness, set scenes and set schedules. You can also control your Smart Bulb or On/Off via app.

smart touch switch

Switches, dimmers, thermostats and garage door openers are just a few of the things that can be controlled by smart devices. With our simple, easy-to-install wireless control systems and lights, homeowners can now add intelligence to their lighting system. The automated switch makes it easy to turn lamps and appliances on and off with a simple swipe of your smartphone app or push of a button. With the option to control it through your phone alone, or create scenes and trigger actions with a voice command, you can design a smart home in any way you choose Smart Wi-Fi light switches are convenient because they're easy to set up, they require no wiring or cables, and they control the flow of electrical power along with lights. With this system you can turn lights on or off at home or while away. It's easy to use, with touch buttons that can be mounted on a wall or free standing on a table.