What is Lighting Automation?

Lights automation refers to the technique of automating lighting depending on a certain circumstance. We may enjoy the brightness and hue of the lights depending on our mood or activities. When the sun rises in the morning, the lights automatically turn out, and when the sun sets, the lights automatically turn on. Similarly, we may arrange the lighting environment for a party, a movie, sleep, supper, and so on. The fundamental advantage of lighting automation is that it requires less effort and consumes less energy. It saves a lot of energy and allows us to operate from anyplace.

We can modify the color sceneries and save them to memory. We can control RGB lights such as LED strips, LED bulbs, and so on. You may enjoy your illumination with your own adjustment at your house quietly according on the environment, mood, or any other scenario. There are various ways to regulate an automated lighting system. The simplest method is to use keypads or lighting switches that may be installed throughout your home or business. These lighting switches or keypads may be set to control a single light or a whole group of lights. Similarly, your current light switches may be linked to the automation system using small pucks that plug into the gang box of the light switch and allow the switch to operate wirelessly via an automation command or manually by button push.

There are several ways to control your automatic lighting system. You may use your smartphone or tablet to access an intuitive user interface that allows you to choose which lights or lighting scenarios to activate. Similarly, you may use a remote control to select lighting selections from an intelligent menu screen. The good news is that you can always operate your automatic lighting system manually. Users who do not feel comfortable using smart phones or tablets may easily turn a light on or off using their original lighting switch or keypad. While you can still use your smartphone or tablet to trigger scenarios and control one or multiple lights wirelessly.