What is HVAC Automation?

HVAC picture

The current requirement is to enable automation in HVAC systems. It gives rise to the most energy-efficient technology, allowing building owners to automatically and gradually change their preferences for cooling and heating without wasting energy. These systems can now recognise when inhabitants enter or depart a space thanks to the installation of IoT sensors. It stops the needless use of energy (for air conditioning or heating) in empty spaces. Additionally, these systems are compatible with other smart devices, like laptops and mobile phones. When necessary, users can remotely control the temperature.


Understanding the order of processes is necessary for a clearer understanding of the application of systems based on input data from sensors and other HVAC system components. They automate the simultaneous operations of HVAC equipment. The goal should be to utilise as little energy as feasible within the same building while maintaining the ability to adjust different comfort levels needed in diverse applications. Automation reduces the need for human intervention in HVAC systems, to put it simply. It includes a number of processes. Among the most fundamental are: A process variable that needs to be managed
A preferred control setpoint for the variable
A controlled gadget
A decision-making controller
A sensor to provide feedback for a targeted change